While sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder, most aren’t aware that it’s actually a disorder that can affect children, not just adults! At Wright Parkway Dental Center, part of our mission is providing care that improves the overall well being and quality of life for all our patients, of all ages. This is why we’re so proud to offer pediatric sleep apnea treatment as a service at our dental office in Fort Walton Beach. There are not enough service providers in this area, simply because most don’t realize that sleep apnea affects children!

So, how do you treat sleep apnea in children?

Myobrace for Pediatric Sleep Apnea

We use an innovative myofunctional appliance called Myobrace to treat mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea in kiddos. Myobrace is a pre-orthodontic dental device that helps shift teeth with removable appliances similar to a retainer or mouthguard. In using this device, we build airway-centric treatment plans designed to shift teeth to build a proper tongue position, and correct swallowing, which can help with nasal breathing to treat sleep apnea.

Why You Should Consider Myobrace for Your Child’s Sleep Apnea

A child’s airway development is at its peak from ages 3-10. So when Myobrace is used early in life, the chances of avoiding long-term issues with sleep apnea is much greater. The removable Myobrace devices allow a child’s growth to be managed for healthy development and it trains the tongue to be positioned correctly in alignment with the jaw, opening airways. Sometimes, the child won’t even need braces later in life either, so it helps with general alignment and sleep apnea in one shot!

Treat Your Child’s Sleep Apnea with Wright Parkway Dental

At Wright Parkway Dental Center’s Fort Walton Beach office, we focus on holistic dental treatment for all ages. Sleep apnea is very common and we are able to help with simple treatment options for both children and adults. Call us now at (850) 243-1534 to make an appointment to discuss sleep apnea treatment for your child!


Patient Experience

I’m happy with my last visit and cannot think of anything I’d change. Thank you for the chance to voice my
opinion! – J.F.


Wouldn’t trust my orthodontics and cleanings with anyone else. Always thorough, in and out every time!


TMJ & Dental Care

Dr Welch is at the forefront in Dentistry. She always continues her education on TMJ and new advancements in medicine and dental care. Couldn’t find a better Dr. and well run office.

S. Cayer

Best Dentist

Dr. Welch at Wright Parkway Dental Center is by far the best dentist. She does not just look at a person’s teeth and mouth. She truly is concerned for the overall health of her patients.


Amazing Service

I’ve been going here for years but recently brought in our kiddos. Our oldest needed a filling and was panicked about getting a shot. Dr. Welsh distracted him and she administered the numbing shots so well that he didn’t even know she gave him the shots!! Truly amazing service!


Great Team

A Great Team!! Dr. Welch herself is very professional, knowledgeable, takes the time to explain the background to a procedure…and is very friendly. Her staff are the same and the teamwork they show when they work together is at the highest level. Highly recommended.


Patient Feedback

Always in good hands!! Thank you for taking good care of me all these years! – K.H.

Patient Feedback

My husband, Mack, and I are thrilled to find Dr. Welch since she is truly a biological dentist. We truly wish we’d found her in this area years ago, as I’ve had to fly out to dentists that are beyond just not using mercury. We’re ages 72 & 75, so Dr. Welch will be so helpful with positive aging helped with dentistry…and no concerns about harmful dentisty to our elderly bodies.


Forward Thinking

I was so relieved you were able to see me. Thank you! New office procedure only adds to the totally smooth flow of your ever gracious office. So forward thinking!



Not everyone can say going to the dentist is enjoyable, but your professional and enjoyable staff makes it possible. -K.C.


Dr. Welch and her staff are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I felt they cared about the patient more than money. They take the time to explain and care above and beyond what is expected.


Above & Beyond

I always feel like I am in good hands here. I think you go above and beyond what most dentist offices do for
their clients. The cleaning was very thorough Thank you very much!- D.L.

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