Lip and Tongue Tie Releases

What is a lip tie? What is a tongue tie?

When an infant is born, sometimes they are born with lip and/or tongue tie. This condition can also be called tethered oral tissues or TOTs. TOTs is characterized by the lip or tongue tissue being too tightly connected to the gums or floor of the mouth, limiting motion and function. Left untreated, the TOT can compromise the infant’s ability to latch and swallow properly, which can lead to dysfunctional growth and development

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If your child or infant is experiencing any of these symptoms it is a good idea to see your pediatrician to get your child diagnosed. From there, we collaborate with you and your pediatrician to ensure that your child is cared for with compassion during a procedure called a TOT frenectomy which is done right in the comfort of our office.  We often coordinate with a structural care provider (Chiropractor) and/or myofunctional (MFT) therapist to ensure the best outcome with your growing child.

What is a TOT Frenectomy?

Once diagnosed with TOT, a pediatrician will likely recommend a frenectomy. This simple, minimally invasive procedure is done by Dr. Welch and her team utilizing state-of-the-art CO2 laser technology. Utilizing the laser, Dr. Welch will release the tethered tissue allowing for more range of movement helping the long-term complications the TOTs may cause.

Our State-of-the-Art CO2 Laser Technology

At Wright Parkway Dental Center, we use CO2 laser technology for the TOT frenectomy procedures versus the formerly popular diode lasers. The diode laser operates by touching the tissue at extremely high temperatures to essentially “cut” the tissue with the heat. Our CO2 laser operates at substantially lower temperature and does not need to touch the tissue at all for an effective procedure. It has been proven to have lower complication rate, little to no bleeding, and less pain during and post-op, which is so important to us when treating our littlest patients!

Our ultimate goal is to provide a caring and kind environment for in-house procedures like these, especially for children who may not have experience in the dental chair. We will work with you to ensure your little love has the best experience and a future free of TOT complications.