Finding a new dentist can seem overwhelming. Whether you’ve got a toothache that needs immediate attention or have just realized it’s been five years since you’ve been to the dentist regularly, we’re here to welcome you to our patient family at Wright Parkway Dental Center. Dr. Susan Welch and her skilled dental team’s main focus is patient care, comfort and overall experience.

Many people are worried that if they head to the dentist, they’ll get stuck with their mouth open, jaw aching, or will experience pain during a cleaning or procedure. The Wright Parkway Dental Center team makes sure this is absolutely not the case! We want to ensure every single patient leaves the office happy, healthy, with a bright smile every time.When getting to know our new patients, we offer a New Patient Experience.

One thing that separates us from many other dentists in the area is our passion for holistic dental services. We care deeply about our patients and understand that your oral health is directly connected to your overall well being. Did you know that common health problems like sleep apnea and headaches can be diagnosed through effective holistic dentist exams? With this in mind, our new patient experience provides an all-encompassing evaluation of your oral health to ensure your overall well-being.

Additional Services: iCAT 3D imaging, OralDNA testing. (These are not included in the standard new patient appointment but can be added on for an additional fee)